Key Priorities for 2022 – 2026

The key priorities identified by the Ethnic Communities Council of Logan Inc over the next five years, in order to achieve its Mission and Vision and Objectives are as follows:

1. Promote Cultural Diversity and Community Harmony
  • Expand and enhance the Multicultural Global Food Markets
  • Support participation of migrants in the broader community
2. Advocate for the needs of the multicultural community
  • Implement regular consultation mechanisms with the community in regards to their needs
  • Conduct research projects regarding key issues in the multicultural community
  • Promote the needs of the community to local, state and federal government agencies
  • Educate other organisations about emerging community issues and needs
3. Expand and Develop ECCL’s Organisational Capacity
  • Review and update ECCL’s constitution
  • Further develop and implement management and operational systems
  • Obtain resourcing to support the core work of the organisation
  • Develop and implement fundraising ventures
4. Enhance Community Partnerships
  • Maintain active participation in service networks
  • Explore options for joint projects with other agencies, business corporations and enterprises
  • Maximise the interface and communication with funding bodies and the three levels of government
  • Explore the development of SGP transitional models to support the long term settlement and employment of migrants